Batavia Tax Increases Make News

More from the Watchdog:
The Daily Herald, This Morning 12/9/2011, Susan Sarkauskas. “Batavians to pay more for electricity.”  God Bless Her.  She does her homework and the article is very informative.  Some quotes from her article, one of which for the water going up 3% per year for the next four years, and the sewer rate 8% for each of the next four years.  I forgot about the fact that these are annual increases for the next four years.
1.  “You will pay almost $7.00 more per month for service and at least 10% more per kilowatt hour for the actual electricity.”
2.  “Gone, too, is the higher summer rate, though the overall cost for electricity is still increasing since the new rate, which takes effect, January 1, will be the same all year.
3.  “Residential customers now pay a monthly charge of $3.59 per month…But in 2012, they will pay a $10 monthly charge, and 9.16 cents per kilowatt hour for electricy.”
Susan went on to give information about average use of electricity being 799 kwh per month.  This year’s costs would have been $43.08 for service and $763.72 not including taxes, PPAF and other fees.  “Under the new rates, that user would pay $120 for service and $878.26 for the electricity.  I’m sure everyone can add and subtract and will note that the electricity alone will go up at least $180 per year.
Susan also had an article in today’s paper “Batavia talks tax hike to pay for ambulance costs.”  She explains the ambulance costs.  “Batavia taxpayers will foot a total tax bill in 2012 that could be up to 7.3% higher than in 2011.”  So add up all these rate increases and we realize that if Batavia did not have Home Rule, we, the citizens would have more control over a tax and spend city.
“Batavia parks survey wants to hear from you”   There is a 29 question survey in the Winter Fun Guide and/or on the website.  It is due by December 31.  I urge you all to complete it with the costs to your house in the form of real estate taxes and fees in mind.
If you want to put this out to people, please go ahead.  I have been telling everyone I meet about it and am hoping that we can pack City  Hall on December 19th.  Maybe we can give the council and the Administration a Christmas Present — We’re Mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!  Maybe we should go ahead and make Home Rule a Ballot Issue.  Once Home Rule is revoked, the city won’t have carte blanche to raise taxes.
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