When Promises Become Lies

From the Chicago Tribune, April 18, 2007: “Batavia voters were weighing in on a $75 million referendum question to determine whether the school board will issue bonds to pay for the expansion and renovation of schools in District 101. With 26 of 29 precincts reporting, unofficial results showed 57 percent of voters favored the measure.

District officials said the bonds would not increase the property tax rate. Instead, the bonds would be issued over three years during construction.”

From yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times:¬† “The average homeowner will have to pay about $460 more in property taxes for School District 101 because the district can no longer abate its bond repayment levy, the Board of Education decided this week.”

When government officials promise new spending with the old, “This will not increase your tax rate”, run away from it, and fast.

But the lie’s been bought, the promise accepted at face value by 57% of Batavians who bothered to vote in 2007. Now what? Suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps a start would be to contact the Board of Education and request that they hold to their promise, making hard cuts elsewhere until the bonds are repaid without raising taxes.

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