Who’s Minding the Store?

Let’s get this straight: from this Beacon News article, Batavia schools plan for change in TIF funding, 12/16/11, we see that

  1. The Batavia School Board has been spending irresponsibly, way beyond its means, and against state recommendations:  Board members also passed a resolution that half of all revenues from the Farnsworth TIF districts will go straight into school district reserve funds to restore them to the 30 percent of annual operating expenses recommended by the state. The district’s reserves now hover at around 15 percent of operating expenses, said Assistant Superintendent Kris Monn.“If we don’t use some of (the TIF proceeds) to replenish our fund balances, we could get to the point where the state could step in and tell us how to spend our money,” said board President Ron Link.
  2. This is not something new:  “We’ve been slowly creeping up in the amount we’ve been using from next year’s taxes to fund this year’s expenditures. Our goal should be to reduce that gap to the point that we don’t need to borrow,” added board member Joe Purpura.
  3. They’re beginning to realize they’ve lost credibility with the taxpayer: “We used to be able to pass referenda for things like fixing roofs. It’s going to be increasingly difficult to go to the community for more money for maintenance,” Link said.
  4. All the shells in their shell game have come up empty:  Monn cautioned that the district will have to wait for “several years” to start receiving the TIF district-generated tax revenue.

Is there no one on the Batavia School Board who sees a problem with this? Is there anyone who knows how to budget properly? And no, not by raising taxes.

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