Ever Wonder How Much Batavia’s “Public Servants” Make?

http://www.openthebooks.com/, a project of For The Good of Illinois (founded by former Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski), puts the salaries of public employees at your fingertips, for free.

Find out where some of your tax dollars are going. Do they seem fair? Sometimes. Add some of those salaries and pensions to the grandiose projects dreamed up by Batavia’s various taxing bodies, and we have a nightmarish monster growing out of control, feeding on the hard-earned money of residents who are kept in the dark, or worse, lied to when referenda threaten to bridle the monster.

Don’t like it? Do something about it. Run for school board, park district board, library board, alderman. Get like-minded people to join you. Show up at monthly meetings of the governing bodies to find out what’s going on and SPEAK UP. Bring your friends and neighbors.

Meeting calendars: City of Batavia, Batavia School Board, Park District Board, Library Board

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