Superintendent Barshinger, Salary King of Fox Valley Schools!

According to the May 19, 2012 Beacon-News article on super salaries, guess who is the highest paid school superintendent in the Fox Valley? That’s right! Batavia’s Jack Barshinger!:

Barshinger by far made more than any superintendent in the area last year, with a total compensation of $312,452. That includes the base salary of $233,620, more than $12,000 in health and dental insurance, a $25,000 school district-purchased annuity, and a $7,300 bonus, for the leader of the eight-school district of 6,300 students.

How does the Batavia School Board explain this?:

Batavia School Board President Ron Link refused multiple requests for comment, and no other Batavia board members responded to a request for comment.

But Barshinger has huge responsibilities with ALL of Batavia’s schools under his watchful eye, so he deserves such high pay, right?:

But a comparison showed that the size of a district often had no bearing on how administrators were compensated. Elgin School District U-46, the second-largest district in the state with 54 schools and more than 40,000 students, paid Superintendent Jose Torres $257,812 including benefits, putting his total compensation fifth among those surveyed.

Oh, and lest we forget:

…today’s hefty salaries will eventually mean tomorrow’s hefty pensions….

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