Batavia Teachers Highest Paid in Tri-Cities

The Kane County Chronicle 9/12/12 points out that Batavia has the highest average teacher salary ($76,599 vs. $72,395 for Geneva and $71,711 for St. Charles). Batavia also has the highest teacher’s salary ($108,632 for Batavia vs. $99,069 for Geneva and $90,501 for St. Charles). has listed even higher teacher salaries for Batavia. We had a driver’s ed instructor making over $116,000, a kindergarten teacher making $112,000, an English teacher making $115,000, and a math/social studies teacher making $127,000 in 2011. If the teachers had retired, their names have not yet been removed from the bps directory as of 9/14/12. There were many other individuals paid well over $100,000 in 2011 who are no longer in the directories (perhaps having retired to lucrative pensions?). The numbers are staggering. And we’re not even talking about what the administrators are being paid.

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