Batavia School District Deemed “Poster Child” for Lavish Spending

The Geneva Patch, 2/13/13, follows up on the lavish spending detailed in the Daily Herald earlier that day (see previous blog entry), in which Batavia earned the distinction of being the poster child for school district largesse. Geneva spent only a small fraction of what Batavia did on the leadership conference.

Geneva School Board member Matt Henry said Wednesday morning that School District 304 usually sends at least two School Board members and Superintendent Kent Mutchler.

“Our expenses are for the Metra train there and back and the actual cost to attend the conference. That’s it, nothing else,” Henry said.

The Geneva school board may finally be getting the message that taxpayers are not a bottomless purse for the school district’s amusement. When will Batavia learn?

Mr. Henry ends on an ominous note:

Henry noted that Batavia District 101 passed a $75 million referendum about five years ago to pay for a new fieldhouse, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre and other improvements at Batavia High School.

“Batavia’s already taxed at a higher rate (than Geneva School District 304), and when their bonds come due in another five years, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen in Batavia.

“It’s ridiculous, just ridiculous,” Henry said.

Ridiculous, indeed.

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