Batavia School District Spends Lavishly, Foolishly

This is sickening. While homeowners struggle to pay their property taxes and more houses go into foreclosure, Batavia administrators and school board members (and family members) dine on steak and lobster and fancy desserts and stay in fine hotels at a leadership conference in Chicago — paid for by, you guessed it, WE THE TAXPAYER.  The Daily Herald, 2/13/13,  details some of the expenses, including a $1,929.75 tab at Morton’s Steakhouse in Chicago for 16 people.

That meal made up the lion’s share of the district’s $2,616.61 food costs at the conference, but District 101 taxpayers also covered $5,610.63 in hotel bills, $947.87 in travel expenses, $66.56 for incidentals like in-room Internet, and $4,125 for conference registration and class fees. The total cost to District 101 taxpayers to send 16 administrators and board members to the conference was $13,366.67, according to the district’s financial records.

When asked if he thought the cost of that dinner was exorbitant, school board Vice President Jack Hinterlong responded, “For eating in Chicago and the number of people we had? No.” Of course he doesn’t think so; he didn’t pay for it. You and I paid for it.

Remember this when it’s time to vote for school board members in April. We can do without this kind of “leadership” in Batavia’s schools.

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