Listening to constituents “would create a slippery slope”

As reported in the Kane County Chronicle, 4/16/13,  a proposal to reconsider the $117,000 arch failed at the April 15 Batavia City Council Meeting.

After having met with a group of protestors and talking to taxpayers, Alderman Dan Chanzit called for a vote that would result in the arch issue being revisited.

Batavia 2nd Ward Alderman Alan Wolff said… to revisit a vote would create a slippery slope. He said the council has faced some “extremely big issues” in the time he’s been on the council, but said council members have never backed off of a final vote.

“This plan has been out there at least two years,” Wolff said. “I’m sorry that some people have not paid attention to what is going on in their city government. … Coming in at the last second to try to stop it I think is the worst possible thing we could do.”

While the conceptual plan may have been there for 2 years, the originally proposed $55,000 simple arch was still pictured on the City of Batavia’s website at the time the Council voted for the $117,000 monstrosity April 1.  Neither were there any drawings included in the Meeting Agenda. The newspapers provided the image of the approved arch. As of this writing, April 20, 12:07am, the City’s website has been changed, so that now there is no picture of any arch featured. Transparency?

Perhaps if citizens had been given correct, current information, they would have had a chance to comment before plans were rushed through (footings already had been placed, well before April 1)…. But then we may have been started down that “slippery slope” where the people who pay the taxes might want to have a say in how their money is spent, and elected officials may come to admit that they were wrong.

Alderman Chanzit was joined by the two original “NO” votes against the arch, Aldermen Stark and Dietz.

A final observation:  Is it any coincidence that the $117,000 folly was passed on April Fool’s Day, and reaffirmed on Tax Day?

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