School District Employees Charged $25,000 for Food

The front page Daily Herald article 6/19/13 screams, “Why $25,000 in food on Batavia school charge cards?” According to the article, over $1 million was charged to the purchasing cards of 97 school district employees, including nearly $25,000 in food purchases.

A Daily Herald analysis of the purchases shows $2,237 was spent on 29 trips to Panera, another $1,775 was spent on 18 visits to Jimmy John’s, and almost $800 over the course of the year was spent at Dunkin’ Donuts.

….On one receipt, one of the cardholders bought $30 worth of boxed coffee at a Dunkin’ Donuts along with two dozen breakfast pastries and then dropped another $2 for a cup of coffee to go.

“Why are they using the school district’s credit card for a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work? Why couldn’t they just wait and get a cup from the box they just bought?” Dinwiddie asked. “You and I would have to pay for that ourselves, and any business wouldn’t let you do that if you tried to expense it.”

But we shouldn’t worry. It’s all under control:

…[I]ncoming Superintendent Lisa Hichens is convinced there are adequate safeguards.

“Everything gets checked by at least one other person. We have a very rigorous process,” she said.

Is that supposed to make us taxpayers feel better?

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