Batavia Park District: All I want for Christmas is $1.2 million

UPDATE 12/30: Paranoia was unwarranted. Information was obtained from the Batavia Park District as to what the bonds were issued for.  The public notice wording was somewhat misleading due to the legal jargon taken from stock phrases. The bonds are to be issued over a two year period to cover necessary repairs to buildings (roofing, HVAC systems, old building infrastructure studies), as well as timed playground replacement and Engstrom Park facilities work and a river corridor study with the city. Though there is no information on the website, a press release had been issued that the media did not pick up on and print.

While the Batavia school board was ignoring the pleas of Batavia residents at their levy public hearing Dec. 17, the Batavia Park District was busy holding their public hearing and passing an ordinance to issue $1.2 million in bonds “for the payment of land condemned or purchased for parks, for the building, maintaining, improving and protecting of the same and the existing land and facilities of the District and for the payment of the expenses incident thereto.”

There is no mention anywhere on their website of what exactly the bonds are for, as all of the discussions regarding the acquisition of this unmentionable property, for months, were held behind closed doors in executive session. I guess we taxpayers have to buy the property before we can know what it is.

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