IL Property Taxes 2nd Highest in Nation, Batavia Even Higher

If you think your property taxes are too high, you’re right. According to the Tax Policy Center, as reported in Illinois Review 12/6/13,

Illinois’ property tax rates have skyrocketed since 2010…. The average property tax rates as a percent of home value has soared from 1.93 percent in 2010 to 2.28 percent in 2012. This represents an 18 percent property tax rate increase in just two years. This rate spike is due to declining home values and local taxing bodies increasing property tax levies.

Illinois’ property tax rate is second only to the rate New Jersey residents pay, which is 2.32 percent annually.

In Batavia, taxpayers are faring even worse. In 2012 the taxes paid as a percentage of home value was 2.8%– $6745 on an average $241,000 home. The majority of that money goes to the school district.

This is one of those cases where being “above average is not good.

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