$15 Million Referendum

On Nov. 4, 2014, residents of the Batavia School District will have the chance to vote on a referendum to issue $15 million in alternate revenue bonds for capital projects, including the Athletic Fields Redevelopment Plan. In plain language, they want roughly $24 million of your tax dollars ($15 million plus interest) to pay for just about all of their athletic fields “vision” plus a number of necessary items like roofs and boilers thrown in to make it look good.

No matter what they say, it IS a referendum on the athletics fields. Their sample list of projects contains all of the Athletic Fields Plan, except for the monument signs and the 2nd artificial turf field. After yesterday’s (8/26/14) noon Finance Committee Meeting, the 2nd artificial turf field can’t be ruled out. And, to leave room for more projects, they’re going to take the maintenance building off of the list (which was never labeled properly as “athletic fields” even though it was part of the Plan, to give the illusion that only half of the $15 million was for the athletic fields).

The maintenance building hasn’t gone away; they’re just going to pay for it out of other sources right now, and that $144,000/yr lease will come out of, well, um, they never said. Don’t worry, they’ll find the money somewhere.

More information can be found at the website of Batavians for Responsible Government.

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