Vote GRO

Bill Gabriel, Ron Rechenmacher, and Michelle Olache, forming the team GRO Batavia, have a website at . It’s well worth looking at. Besides their platform of “First Class Education, Sustainable Future, Lower Tax Burden, Greater Transparency, Community Dialogue, and District Accountability”, they have a Commentary section that includes detailed graphs of the growth in taxes and administration.

Gabriel, Rechenmacher, and Olache are the only 3 candidates for school board who believe education funding cannot be without limits (reported by the candidates from a forum held by the Daily Herald). The others believe that education is so important that it’s OK to tax as much (and more) as Batavia currently does, even to the point that candidate and former teacher John Dryden said the taxes may mean he may not be able to retire here–but education is worth it.

GRO Batavia candidates think school district spending needs to be reigned in so that valuable members of the community, especially those who have roots here, will not be forced from their homes.

As the last school board election was won with 1200 votes, it is imperative that people get out to vote. Too few people voting means we get more of what we’ve had–an irresponsible Board of Education. Every Batavia School District 101 resident who wants to see reform start at the district needs to vote, and vote GRO.

One or two of the candidates getting elected will probably not make much of a difference, but if all 3 get elected, all they need is to sway one current member of the school board to get us on the right path.

Election Day is April 7. Early voting starts March 23. Vote GRO!

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