Wait and See

John Dryden’s first regular board meeting (5/26/15) on the Batavia Board of Education was encouraging. He asked many good, intelligent questions. He voted “abstain” on a vote that followed what were, in my mind, inadequate answers to his questions. He voted with Jon Gaspar against the new fees for K-5 for Chromebooks or tablets for every student, questioning the wisdom of 1-to-1 technology. And he jumped right in with a campaign idea to look at reforming the “lane” system that puts teachers into higher paying “lanes” for completing extra college courses, which contributes to the excessive teacher salaries in Batavia.

His suggestion was to limit applicable courses to those in a teacher’s field of study. But Gaspar, also a retired teacher, said that would be tough for a teacher like himself who taught shop (not too many graduate level shop courses). Another idea that was brought up was limiting the educational establishments credits would be accepted from. The board directed Administration to look into options.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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