Council Cured, School Board Worsens

The Batavia City Council has recovered its sensibilities. In a 11-3 vote, they decided to find a final $150,000 to cut from the budget so they wouldn’t have to raise taxes.

However, the Batavia School Board has become more deaf. Not only did they approve the maximum tax levy increase, but they approved a $56,000 design proposal for artificial turf. They didn’t heed the request of resident Sylvia Keppel to put the turf to referendum. Nor did they seriously consider the reasonable options presented by Board member Chris Lowe to split the design contract with the Boosters 50/50, and to set an amount that they must have in hand before proceeding to install the turf. The deafness no longer applies only to average citizens.

There is a petition to the School Board to request the artificial turf be put to referendum. If enough people sign it, maybe the collective voices will be loud enough for the aurally challenged School Board.

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